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Labor Day is a time in which the nation comes together every year to celebrate all the hard working Americans. The holiday began in the 19th century as an outcome of the Labor Movement in America. In the early months of 1887, Oregon became the first of the fifty states to enact Labor Day as a holiday. Within the same year Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York also passed into law the Labor Day Holiday. As of 1894, 23 states in America had embraced the holiday tradition of honoring their workers. Finally, in June 28th of 1894 Congress decreed Labor Day as holiday in the District of Columbia and U.S. territories. Americans everywhere, now enjoy this yearly celebration of our country’s productive workers on the first Monday of every September with festivals, barbecues, and summer fun. Curious about what events are planned for this Labor Day Weekend in the Baltimore, Maryland area?

Maryland Labor Day Events

Maryland Renaissance Festival: August 27th through October 23rd (Weekends Only)

Truly an outing for the entire family, the Renaissance Festival offers an array of activities for all ages. You can eat a giant turkey leg while catching a jousting match or watching craftsmen create amazing products like blown glass décor. Or perhaps you are interested in watching some theater or doing some old world shopping. Regardless of your interests the Renaissance Festival has something to offer everyone. Do forget your costumes! You could be someones knight in shining armor or a damsel in distress. For more information click this link.

National Hard Crab Derby: September 2nd through September 4th

The festival is a tribute to the end of the catching season for our state most delicious delicacy, the Maryland Blue Crab. Located every year in Crisfield, MD enjoy skipjack races, a boat docking contest, music concerts, carnvial rides, fireworks, crab races, and so much more. For more information, click here.

Maryland State Fair: August 25th through September 5th

If you don’t want to drive, skip the holiday traffic and check out the Maryland State Fair in Timonium, Maryland. It’s only a light rail ticket away. This year marks the fair’s 138th year anniversary. The State Fair’s activities include livestock competitions, a farmer’s market, carnival rides, or go and learn how to milk a cow. Whatever your pleasure, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy and display your Maryland pride. To find out more details on the daily events, check out their website.

Baltimore Comic-Con: September 2nd through 4th

Looking for an indoor adventure, instead?  Try embracing your inner nerd at the Baltimore Comic-Con this Labor Day weekend. Enter a costume contest and possibly win the $1,000 grand prize, pick up cool comic art for your walls, meet your favorite comic book artists & writer, or fall in love with a new series. Want to know more? Check out their website. Whatever your plans are for this for fun this Labor Day Weekend,  you can rest easy knowing your calls and other business matters are in safe hands with Officense, celebrating the hard-working spirit of America with you.

DIY Office Beautification 

        Is your office dark and bare of your personality?  Perhaps you work in a cubicle or from home? Not design savvy when it comes to decorating your office? With minimal cost and effort anyone can achieve a great working environment to promote focus and comfort. Focus is important to being productive in any business. In 2013, a survey found that 73% of workers said they focused best in an office environment. Focusing can be hard when you’re uncomfortable in your office. The importance of a cozy creative office space should not be undervalued by any business. There are plenty of simple do-it-yourself office décor projects to spruce up any space. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own office revitalization.
  1. Give your mouse pad a fun patterned upgrade.
DIY-Gold-Mouse-Pad1 Directions can be found at this link. 2. Have a hanging light bulb vase for a splash of color and whimsy. diy-lightbulb-vase See link for project directions. 3.Looking to keep a real plant in your office?  Consider this cute tea cup planter with succulents. succulentteacup For directions, see link here. 4. Looking for both style and function in your office? Try these cork-board & leather pouches to store office supplies. 2-Wall-Pocket-11 See link for detailed instructions. 5. Have a lot of books in your office? Upgrade your bookshelf with these rice and bean filled fabric scraps. You can do them in any color or pattern. Fabric-Pyramid-Bookends-3 See link for directions. The possibilities of using your own creativity to make your office a welcoming environment are endless. The internet is teeming with tutorials such as these to beautify your work environment. At Officense, we understand the need for a welcoming environment for your business, for your clients, employees, and yourself. Working from home, but, no business setting to meet with client?  We have you covered.  Need a comfy space to focus on work for a few hours?  We have you covered. Or perhaps, you need a full-time office space in a prime location, but without the costly overhead; we have you covered. We offer artfully decorated office space and conference rooms in downtown Baltimore for all of your business’ needs. Contact us today for more information and a tour of our facilities.    
I would be lying if I said I was fully prepared for what I was getting myself into. Jumping, or should I say being rolled out of a plane at 15,000 ft., above a lake the size of Singapore, was one of the scariest and most amazing experiences of my life. Although not exactly akin to running a business, there were some lessons I learned which can be appreciated by daredevils and business owners alike.   The jump came with sudden moments of confusion and clarity. My nerves kicked in as our plane climbed to full height. While I have never had a fear of flying, this was something different. Hongo, the Hungarian dive instructor strapped to my back, assured me all of the way to the top that he had done this hundreds of times. His mantra was, “It will be great!” I realized that all of the research and planning in the world would not prepare me for what lay ahead. As in business, you will find unexpected challenges. Face them as they arrive and adapt your behavior to conquer them.    Hongo kept repeating instructions like, “Keep your head and feet tucked back, like a banana.” He told me to keep my eyes open when we rolled out of the plane. This was supposed to the best part, which passes so quickly that you forget the first few seconds. Having someone who knew exactly what they were doing got me through the jump. Likewise, having experienced advisors can help you immensely. Network and develop relationships with people who are successful. Stay in touch with those that you can learn from, who will also encourage you on your journey. As the plane door opened and other jumpers started rolling over the edge, my common sense kicked in.  It said things like, “What are you doing?  Are you crazy?  Don’t do this!” It encouraged me to grab ahold of the plane as Hongo scooted us to the edge, which I did. At some point I stopped thinking, “Oh God,” and Hongo’s voice crept in saying, “Let go of the plane…tuck your arms…be a banana…” There was literally no turning back at this point and the only way out was down. With Hongo’s help, I did it. I also kept my eyes open for the most terrifying part, THE ROLL. As a business owner, you have already approached the edge and jumped. Keep the reasons you started your business, those motivating factors, in mind. Let them encourage and focus you in those moments of doubt or frustration. Scared silent as we tumbled the first few seconds of our freefall, it was a blur of images…the ground, the sky, the ground, the sky.  Hongo got us into position for the rest of the 60 second freefall. That’s when I started screaming, almost continuously until he released the parachute. Similarly, it is okay to get scared while building your business. Being able to pull yourself together and having the support of others when you need help is important. This support can come from family and friends, but also your staff. Remember that you have put competent people in place. It is okay to rely on them too as you are all working toward the same goal… success! Things went much better once the chute was open. I could see all of Lake Taupo, with its blue-green and silver surface. The view was amazing. And, the more we descended, the more I enjoyed the ride. Likewise, be sure to check-in with yourself as your empire grows. Celebrate and appreciate your successes. Learn from your mistakes. And, remember the beginning and the end aren’t the most important parts. Also remember that when you are in the thick of it and find yourself in need, there are always solutions within your reach. Officense provides support to hundreds of businesses across many industries. From executive virtual offices and pristine meeting space, to exceptional executive assistants, we’ve got you covered anywhere in the world. Call now (410-814-7500) to find out how we can support you and help your business grow! Written by JA
The time has come, fall is just around the corner and your summer vacation is in the rear view. While you are in the process of getting last minute school supplies and dorm room accessories for your children, don’t forget that the end of summer also means time to refocus on your work priorities. Father getting kids ready for school Now, you finally have the opportunity to shift all your attention to your business and presenting a professional image. We at Officense understand your relief of having your kids back at school and offer the most effective support. As one of the superior Virtual Office providers in Maryland, we know the importance of a well-structured and maintained business. Now you might ask: “What is a virtual office?” That’s a great question. It basically is a combination of off-site live communication, address and meeting room services that allow businesses to reduce traditional office costs while still maintaining business professionalism. Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee, you will now have the freedom of working from any location you want by using modern technology such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Work from anywhere How does Officense help your business cut costs? By comparing the operations of a virtual office and those of traditional ones, you will rapidly realize that virtual offices are not only an innovative approach to office management but are also much more cost effective. But let’s take a closer look. Take into consideration how much money you spend on leasing office space, utilities, furniture, a receptionist or administrative assistant on a monthly basis. Now imagine having all of this, whenever you need it, without the heavy financial burden. Our Virtual Office space allows you to have an address for your professional image and access to all the necessary amenities to strive as a business. It also allows you access to conference rooms for a proficient meeting atmosphere and access to technology such as video conferencing.  

Large Conference Room Officense

Here are some of the diverse services we provide:
  • An impressive, Baltimore downtown location to serve as your business address where we offer a variety of mail options.
  • Live- answering service, screening and forwarding to another number or to a voice mailbox.
  • A phone number with a local area code or a toll-free phone number is provided for business communication.
  • Beautifully furnished offices with window views guaranteed.
  • On-site, professional Executive Assistants, who greet your clients and can even maintain your calendar.
  •  Video Conferencing
  • And many more.
  virtual assistant

As you can see our options are endless and ideal for small companies and large corporations, as well as entrepreneurs who run their business from home but are interested in expanding to a more professional environment.

With technology advancing so rapidly and workloads increasing along with it, the desire to work from home and alleviate some of the stress that comes along with commuting, juggling family life, etc. has also become very strong. At OFFICENSE, we understand that it is difficult to run a successful business while making the kids realize that the end of summer also means back to school. Let us help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Call us now at (410) 814-7500 and mention the promo code “Back To School” for 1 month off when registering.   Your New Business Office in Baltimore 06.24.14 MP

Neil Armstrong Blog Image

“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

With these words, Neil Armstrong, and the nation he represented, would be inscribed in history as the first to land on the moon on July 20th, 1969. The Apollo 11 mission wasn’t very long and the brave team splashed down in the cerulean waters of Hawaii on July 24th. But this short week in history lifted the spirits of the American people and changed the course of space exploration and scientific innovation. Experiments are yet being performed based on what had been started on our fateful mission to the moon. A dozen more men would walk in Armstrong’s footsteps on the cold white orb that millennia of people had looked upon in the thousands of nights past.


“I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to


A copper-haired American president, considered veritable royalty at the time, issued those words before a gathered crowd on May 25th, 1961. The crowd was comprised of citizens of the United States who had not yet achieved their bi-centennial and were still reeling from a failed challenge to a large and ancient nation—Russia.

In the last decade Russia and the U.S. had stretched their respective budgets, staffs and pilots in the mad dash to succeed in the mission of launching the first man into space; in April 1961 Russia won. Just over a month later, licking their wounds from the lost bid to beat the arctic nation into the stars, the citizens of our nation rallied around an inspiring promise from a beloved president—that an American would trace the smile of the man in the moon.

The idea of this mission to the moon was birthed at the height of the Cold War and brought the attention of nations higher than the grievances on our tiny planet. To this nation it was proven that there was something great that could be achieved and, to the world, it was said that beyond the borders of this blue-green sphere the drawn lines on our maps became meaningless. Innovation had changed the way people saw themselves and the world around them. In this same way, corporations, small businesses and one-person-freelance operations prove to themselves every day that they can reach beyond expectations, beyond imposed boundaries of thought. Something incredible happens when you achieve that which creates meaning in the world, even if it’s only your portion of it. When you leave the “daily grind” behind and choose a life that allows you to invest time into the things that matter most, you have changed your corner of the planet. And you don’t have to do it alone. Innovative communication technology is offered to business owners by Officense every day. When you’re ready to support your business through cutting edge technology and sensible business practices, we’re the ones to contact.  


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