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Exercise is proven to control weight, combat health conditions, improve mood and awareness, increase productivity, and provide energy while fighting fatigue. Long work weeks that involve sitting at one’s desk for forty or more hours are typically not conducive to exercise and, thus, can affect mental and physical health over time. To combat the lack of exercise received while completing work within the office, many offices are beginning to offer fitness programs to employees. According to the Wellness Council of America, more than 81 percent of American businesses with over 50 employees maintain an employee fitness program. These programs range from subsidized gym memberships to scheduled times for group fitness activities in the office during the work day. The benefits of these programs are endless to an employer as the exercise involved alleviates stress and, thus, create a happy and more harmonious office environment. Since exercise also helps to fight illness and disease, employees will subsequently take less sick days over time. Common office fitness efforts include:


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