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DIY Office Beautification 

        Is your office dark and bare of your personality?  Perhaps you work in a cubicle or from home? Not design savvy when it comes to decorating your office? With minimal cost and effort anyone can achieve a great working environment to promote focus and comfort. Focus is important to being productive in any business. In 2013, a survey found that 73% of workers said they focused best in an office environment. Focusing can be hard when you’re uncomfortable in your office. The importance of a cozy creative office space should not be undervalued by any business. There are plenty of simple do-it-yourself office décor projects to spruce up any space. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your own office revitalization.
  1. Give your mouse pad a fun patterned upgrade.
DIY-Gold-Mouse-Pad1 Directions can be found at this link. 2. Have a hanging light bulb vase for a splash of color and whimsy. diy-lightbulb-vase See link for project directions. 3.Looking to keep a real plant in your office?  Consider this cute tea cup planter with succulents. succulentteacup For directions, see link here. 4. Looking for both style and function in your office? Try these cork-board & leather pouches to store office supplies. 2-Wall-Pocket-11 See link for detailed instructions. 5. Have a lot of books in your office? Upgrade your bookshelf with these rice and bean filled fabric scraps. You can do them in any color or pattern. Fabric-Pyramid-Bookends-3 See link for directions. The possibilities of using your own creativity to make your office a welcoming environment are endless. The internet is teeming with tutorials such as these to beautify your work environment. At Officense, we understand the need for a welcoming environment for your business, for your clients, employees, and yourself. Working from home, but, no business setting to meet with client?  We have you covered.  Need a comfy space to focus on work for a few hours?  We have you covered. Or perhaps, you need a full-time office space in a prime location, but without the costly overhead; we have you covered. We offer artfully decorated office space and conference rooms in downtown Baltimore for all of your business’ needs. Contact us today for more information and a tour of our facilities.    
In the Time magazine article, “Kmart Unleashes Season’s First Christmas Ad”  the airing of Kmart’s first Christmas commercial mere days within the Labor Day holiday, caused an uproar with consumers. The releasing of premature holiday ads kicked off in September of 2013 only mere days behind the NFL’s kick off date! This year K-Mart is at it again with a “Non-Christmas” ad which is more than a little reminiscent of the holiday. Meanwhile, consumers appalled by the premature marketing, took their frustrations to social media:

NBC-Clock-nightmare-before-christmas-17526564-2560-1714“What happened to Halloween and thanksgiving?” one commenter posted. “Stop with the Christmas commercials ALREADY!!” Another raged, “Why don’t you just start this on 1st each year! This is ridiculous and if I see an ad on TV I will never stop in your store!” Kmart’s “Non-Christmas” Ad

In light of this, we are dedicating our latest blog, in a most-timely fashion, to Halloween in Charm City! Whether you’ve been on the prowl for a ghost sighting or it’s the candy that you crave, Baltimore has got you covered! From family-friendly scares to adults only events, below you’ll find a miscellany of local activities sure to amplify your Halloween’s fear factor. Fells Pt Relish in the cool crisp air of fall weather and take a stroll through one of Baltimore’s most widely contested haunted neighborhoods. The award winning Mount Vernon Ghost Tour allows thrill-seekers to appreciate the community’s historical architecture while guides, dressed in period-attire, escort you through the spirited neighborhood. If it’s another type of spirit that you’re after, check out the Fells Point Haunted Pub Crawl! Ghost-sightseers can sip on a pumpkin-ale while your tour guide accounts tales of spirits startling the local taverns workers and patrons. For a gravely different experience, visit the reportedly most haunted city in the state of Maryland and one of the most haunted cities in the United States, Frederick. This year, Candlelight tours will be extending a historic cemetery tour in addition to their nationally acclaimed ghost tours. ZoobooCandy seekers can get their fill at the Maryland Zoo. October 24-26 marks the return of the Maryland Zoo’s Zoo-Boo event! Besides trick or treating, kids can enter in costume contests, participate in craft making, play carnival games, or visit their favorite animal. Food and live entertainment will be available. FrightfestNow through November 2, Six Flags America will be hosting its annual Fright Fest! Here kids can enjoy a pre-Halloween trick or treat trail, Halloween-themed shows, haunted houses and all the usual thrill rides. Fright Fest isn’t just for kids though; check the schedule, as the park is closed to children several evenings for adults-only events, and several new attractions have been added for the 2014 season! pumpPonyFor family friendly events that won’t put your children at risk for nightmares, Baltimore has several festivals that guarantee fun for all ages. The Harbor Harvest commences its Halloween inspired festivals on October 19. The 7th annual, two day, waterfront festival will be featuring a hay maze, petting zoo, pony rides, face-painting, live music, pumpkins patches and even pumpkin decorating! The event takes place between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and both admission and activities are free. LanternparadeFinally, the 15th annual Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival: Kaleidoscope in Baltimore is no ordinary costume parade. Creative Alliance will be hosting this true community art project where visitors are encouraged to build their own lanterns, learn to walk on stilts, and even participate in the parade as puppeteers! Live music, hay rides, food trucks, various workshops, and the parade of course will be taking place on October 25 between 3:30-9 p.m. Whatever ghoulish plans you may partake in, you can find comfort in knowing Officense is signing for your packages, screening your calls, and setting your appointments. Likewise, if you need an office to tie up some last minute business, we are conveniently located in the Inner Harbor for you to quickly return to your Halloween festivities!
The time has come, fall is just around the corner and your summer vacation is in the rear view. While you are in the process of getting last minute school supplies and dorm room accessories for your children, don’t forget that the end of summer also means time to refocus on your work priorities. Father getting kids ready for school Now, you finally have the opportunity to shift all your attention to your business and presenting a professional image. We at Officense understand your relief of having your kids back at school and offer the most effective support. As one of the superior Virtual Office providers in Maryland, we know the importance of a well-structured and maintained business. Now you might ask: “What is a virtual office?” That’s a great question. It basically is a combination of off-site live communication, address and meeting room services that allow businesses to reduce traditional office costs while still maintaining business professionalism. Whether you’re a small business owner or an employee, you will now have the freedom of working from any location you want by using modern technology such as laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc. Work from anywhere How does Officense help your business cut costs? By comparing the operations of a virtual office and those of traditional ones, you will rapidly realize that virtual offices are not only an innovative approach to office management but are also much more cost effective. But let’s take a closer look. Take into consideration how much money you spend on leasing office space, utilities, furniture, a receptionist or administrative assistant on a monthly basis. Now imagine having all of this, whenever you need it, without the heavy financial burden. Our Virtual Office space allows you to have an address for your professional image and access to all the necessary amenities to strive as a business. It also allows you access to conference rooms for a proficient meeting atmosphere and access to technology such as video conferencing.  

Large Conference Room Officense

Here are some of the diverse services we provide:
  • An impressive, Baltimore downtown location to serve as your business address where we offer a variety of mail options.
  • Live- answering service, screening and forwarding to another number or to a voice mailbox.
  • A phone number with a local area code or a toll-free phone number is provided for business communication.
  • Beautifully furnished offices with window views guaranteed.
  • On-site, professional Executive Assistants, who greet your clients and can even maintain your calendar.
  •  Video Conferencing
  • And many more.
  virtual assistant

As you can see our options are endless and ideal for small companies and large corporations, as well as entrepreneurs who run their business from home but are interested in expanding to a more professional environment.

With technology advancing so rapidly and workloads increasing along with it, the desire to work from home and alleviate some of the stress that comes along with commuting, juggling family life, etc. has also become very strong. At OFFICENSE, we understand that it is difficult to run a successful business while making the kids realize that the end of summer also means back to school. Let us help you make the transition as smooth as possible. Call us now at (410) 814-7500 and mention the promo code “Back To School” for 1 month off when registering.   Your New Business Office in Baltimore 06.24.14 MP
  Blue CrabSummer has finally arrived and with the mercury rising so are our cravings for crabs! Even though you can eat crabs in the U.S. all year round, Marylanders know the best time to indulge in a Chesapeake blue crab feast is between May and September when the crabs are in season.  Known for being the state’s official crustaceans, the Chesapeake blue crab’s scientific name, Callinectes sapidus, translates to savory beautiful swimmer and it’s the crab’s sapphire -tinted claws that merit their name. So, besides color and a country, what separates the Atlantic Blue crab from the Pacific Dungeness crab? A lot, actually, from taste, size, to having opposing seasons, the crabs Dungness v bluecouldn’t be less alike. What makes the blue crab a MD favorite is its sweet and bountiful lump meat, ideal for crab cakes; yet, it’s the fun and delight of cracking steamed crabs and licking fingers smothered in the region’s signature seasoning, Old Bay, which makes our penchants for the crustacean persevere. Besides a large group of family and friends, a proper crab feast requires bushels of crabs, pitchers of beers, mallets, corn in the husk, and plenty of newspaper! Proper Crab Feast 2However, our individual appetite for crustaceans is not always shared by a large group; so how can you satisfy your craving without spending a bundle on a bushel? For those of us who prefer to play with our food before we eat it, there is always the option of buying live crabs and steaming them at home yourself. For the rest of us who would prefer our blue crabs red, Baltimore is a premier city for some of the state’s best crab houses including: Captain James Landing photoCaptain James Landing– The seafood spot that looks like a commercial ship has earned itself the name of the most unique restaurant in the city! Besides, looking like a boat, you can actually get to Captain James Landing by boat. With its own water taxi stop, this restaurant truly offers water front dining. A Baltimore landmark since 1978, this crab house is a must for tourists and residents alike. Riptide by the Bay – Located in Historic Fells Point, this restaurant serves up blue crabsRiptide all year round and authentic Maryland blue crabs during the season, between April and November.  A favorite spot for locals, Riptide has crabs for eat-in, carry-out and on Tuesday’s the crabs are on special. Offering live music on the weekends, Riptide by the Bay is your place for everything seafood, especially Maryland Blue Crabs. Canton DocksideCanton Dockside –  Available for eat-in, carry-out or catering, this family-owned eatery deals directly with crab fisherman to ensure they bring you the freshest crabs daily. The restaurant offers picnic-style outside seating where diners can delight in cracking crabs while overlooking the waters of the city’s Inner Harbor. The next time you’re in the Canton neighborhood on a beautiful day, make sure you drop by their patio for good eats! Now that you have your crab feast guide, all that’s left is getting here! Take a plane, train, Proper Crab Feastcar or cab and visit Baltimore for some of the best crabs this side of the Chesapeake. If you’re here on business, or just passing through on vacation, you can feast-assured that while you’re picking crabs, Officense will be here to answer your calls, receive your packages, and greet your clients before your lunch meeting!
In an era where we become increasingly dependable on social media and terms such as “like”, “pin” and “circle” have developed a new point of reference, it is now more important than ever to focus on how to promote your brand in the right Social media has an impressively strong impact on businesses of all sizes and domains. However, you have to be cautious to not get lost in the social media jungle with species such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Let’s Take a Look: How Can Social Media Impact your Business?  As in all good relationships, you should build your foundation on one simple rule – Communication is the key. Social networks allow people to create connections with other companies, but also market product brands and interact directly with customers/ clients. It’s fairly easy to set up a company profile on one of the major social media sites and then start publishing as well as sharing your own content. The more interaction your content creates the better. It’s a great way for you to let your business shine in the most powerful way and generate a window of opportunities to gain recommendations. What are the Major Social Media Sites? While many online services now have a social element, the most influential sites for businesses are: traffic-sign-209195_1280
  • Facebook: With more than 1 billion users it is available in 70+ languages all around the globe.
  • Twitter: It is a micro blogging site where users post messages limited to 140 characters.
  • Google+: Famous for its “+1” button it’s the second largest social media site worldwide after Facebook.
  • LinkedIn: Known as the social networking website for people in professional occupations it was founded in 2002 and attracts users in over 200 countries.
  • Pinterest: A visual social media site that allows users to save images and categorize them on different boards.
The list of social media sites could go on and on since it is growing at its fastest rate in developing countries, but in the end it’s all about leaving your brand’s footprint in the modern social media jungle. How can Officense Help You Expand Your Business? Officense has created a strong business community that allows its members to tap its strength in a variety of ways from trusted and reliable source. Wouldn’t you like to know who you are doing business with and that too with a solid referral? woman-163425_640 As a truly unique company we offer cost-effective workspace solutions, telecommunication services, and highly customized business services based on the needs of your business. Besides offering class A meeting or office space, we also extend personalized business services to fit you and your business’s specific needs. With the business growth you may expect from the expansion of your marketing efforts, call Officense today to ensure you have the professional support you need.


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