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In today’s common work place, business casual is the frequent dress code policy for many companies. Not only do most employees take on the “professional yet relaxed” appearance at work, many managers and business owners are now embracing this persona as well. Wikipedia states that nearly half of non-self-employed workers in the United States wear casual business attire on a regular basis. On the other hand, uniforms rank in at 19% with formal business attire following behind at only 9%.
On Wednesday, December 8th, we celebrated two major milestones; our first Birthday as OFFICENSE and our 4th anniversary of successful operation. Current and prospective clients alike, stopped by to learn about new benefits, network and build potential partnerships, gain a better understanding of the various services Officense offers, and enjoy a sumptuous lunch including poached salmon and string beans, wine and wide selection of appetizers and desserts. The atmosphere was business casual. Conversations of travels, new company ventures, and a contagiousness of laughter filled the room. While the event was held to celebrate our clients for using our services, many clients in turn thanked us for providing top-notch service. One client expressed his appreciation by giving personalized thank-you cards and a Christmas gift to our staff. Overall, the open house/birthday celebration had an amazing turn out. We at Officense give thanks to our staff and those who attended, for making this event such a success.


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